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QCon by InfoQ and JAOO March 12 to 16 London, UK

Yes I should have paid more attention to reporting from QCon but even after the conference there was that much to talk and read about that there just was no time for doing so. My Apologies. I'll cover it this (Friday) night and at the weekend.







After leaving the After-Conference-Party that early it was no problem getting up at all. As I heard later they closed the bar shortly after we left at 11pm. I just don't understand these London or UK regulations on opening times.

While walking through the parks to the conference center, I tried to choose the sessions to attend today. As every time this was quite difficult.

The first thing was Eric Meijers Keynote on LINQ. As I had lunch with Eric on Monday where we also talked about the possibilities of LINQ I was very excited to hear more about it. But unfortunately I was disappointed. Not by the presentation style but by the content he delivered. The praise of LINQ enabling everyone to write distributed concurrent applications for every platform running Microsofts operating system was bit too much.

The main points were:

I don't believe that this works at all for enterprise applications. Their way to complex to be handled by single tier refactorings and synchronized program flow. The focus on Microsoft infrastructure is also not that promising. interoperability is (see Ted Newards talk) nowadays much more important than ever. There will be no "single" solution to our problems.


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