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 EXPANSIONthe process of developing sth. more fully or to work it out in greater detail
 EXPECTATIONthe act of looking forward or waiting for sth.
 EXPERIENCEthe skill or knowledge gained by actually doing a thing
 EXPERTone who has acquired special skill or knowledge
 EXPERTISEexpert option or commentary
 EXPLANATIONmaking plain or understandable, giving reason or cause, shwoing the logical development or relationship of sth.
 EXPLICATIONgiving a detailed explation of sth.
 EXPLICITNESSa statement so clear that there is no doubt about the meaning
 EXPLOITto extract value or use from, utilize sth.
 EXPLORATIONcareful and detailed examination , systematic search
 EXPOSITIONan explaining of the meaning or purpose of something
 EXPRESSIONstating sth. directly and distinctly in words or symbols
 EXPURGATIONcleaning something wrong or objectionable
 EXPEDITIONa journey or trip untertaken for a specific purpose
 EXPERIMENTthe process of testing
 EXTREME PROGRAMMINGan advanced software development methodology using 12 core practises to increase the overall performance of software projects

I've been developing software since the age of 12 (or so), doing Java since 1996 and agile / software craftsmanship ever since.

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